Ebook PHP Power Programming

Tài liệu php căn bản
Ebook dành cho các mới bắt đầu học và tự học PHP. Cuốn sách cung cấp cho bạn rất nhiều cơ bản về PHP và rất dễ tìm hiểu và học hỏi để thiết kế website

I NTRODUCTION Only time will tell if the PHP 5 release will be as successful as its two predecessors (PHP 3 and PHP 4). The new features and changes aim to rid PHP of any weaknesses it may have had and make sure that it stays in the lead as the world’s best web-scripting language. This book details PHP 5 and its new features. However, if you are familiar with PHP 4 and are eager to know what is new in PHP 5, this chapter is for you. When you finish reading this chapter, you will have learned ☞ The new language features ☞ News concerning PHP extensions ☞ Other noteworthy changes to PHP’s latest version

download: http://www.mediafire.com/?51ookyb60a0e6pt
Password: tailieuphpcanban
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